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Imagine what can be achieved when older spaces are repurposed.

Vice article on repurposed spaces has great shots of Collinwood Recreation Center, Bell Works, and Grand Plaza


How Far After C

I before E except after C. Jeep managed to get two different answers while following that rule.

Cherokee “Chief” on the door spelled as expected for all the world to see

Pioneer”Cheif” hidden under the inside door handles. Technically this is not wrong since the I and E are both after the C.

Jeep spelling error discovered by David Tracy at Jalopnik.

Brian Regan has the rest of the I before E rule

long reads

Is it “acting white” to study “acting white”

Yes somebody is studying that. Sounds surprising, but believe it or not academic research on “Acting White” shows that studying leads to being a social outcast.

Obama talking about “Acting White.”

Trump supporters changing the definition of acting white

AP PHOTOS: Scenes of violence at U.S. Capitol shock world