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Ultimate weight loss

I saw this ad and thought… Homemade Sprite, how can I not lose weight.

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The Levee Was Dry

So it turns out that the song American Pie is a warning about climate change.

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Everything is biggest in Texas

Long before thin was in, there were fat men’s clubs. Heart Attack Grill with free food for those over 350 lbs is the closest you’ll get today to something like that with weigh-in’s celebrating larger numbers.

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Your taste buds can’t resist such flavor.

Man claims to discover sugar frosted shrimp in cereal.

People who’ve met him warn he can’t be trusted

Wonder if this where he got the idea?


Ignorance is Bliss

I’m starting to think we were better off when packages arrived without knowing every detail of the journey. While checking to see where a recent package is, I discovered that the tracking codes were of no help. USPS AWAITS ITEM was chronologically after USPS IN POSSESSION OF ITEM, which doesn’t make sense. And then there are the codes that don’t mean anything to the end user like, PRE-SHIPMENT INFO SENT.

If you want to go down the rabbit hole, here is a guide.


Does anybody really know what time it is?

Every time I think I’m having trouble keeping up with the news I get a sign that someone else is falling further behind. The latest spam that got past the email filters is about how Obama is the anti-christ. If you’re going to warn the world about Barack Obama you’re 12 years too late. I would have expected to see Trump or Biden in a quest for clickbait spam, not Obama who isn’t even running this year.

We’re now three Epic Rap Battles past when this warning would have been in time to save us all.

Chicago sums it up with today’s song cue, “Does anybody really know what time it is?”


I exist now.

Got my first comment. A super sized page long set of spam links, but it’s the thought that counts.