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Trump toasts the wedding couple after a full review of current events.

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Your taste buds can’t resist such flavor.

Man claims to discover sugar frosted shrimp in cereal.

People who’ve met him warn he can’t be trusted

Wonder if this where he got the idea?


Finally, A Cat and Mouse Game Worth Watching

I was looking for movies to see this weekend and all of the local theaters are showing Tom and Jerry. A mashup plot synopsis caught my eye.


For viewers looking for more in their cat and mouse game

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor

Lots of choices for movies based on books. We’ve got movie franchises based on best selling teen dystopian novel sets, the Harry Potter series, Narnia. At the other end is Won’t You Be My Neighbor, inspired by an article in Equire. Tom Hanks becomes Fred Rogers delivering a performance that will have you questioning any incident where you’ve harmed someone with your words or actions.


No lesson learned

So the reaction to hearing that gorilla glue is too powerful leads to somebody who couldn’t believe it and he glued a cup to the lip.

Never realized how much need there was for a song explaining how to properly use a plastic cup.