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Who’s That Singing At Your Wedding

So Ron DeSantis, “Meatball Ron” to fans of Jon Oliver, is reaching to people in Iowa to show that he’s the kind of regular joe you’d invite to family functions like weddings.

The first thing that came to mind was Calculon in Futurama.


Big DeSantis Energy

John Oliver praying you don’t ask your kids about BDE.

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The Me Show

Trump toasts the wedding couple after a full review of current events.


Return to sender

Donald Trump has been attacking the post office, but missing the mark as delivery has continued without interruption despite a pandemic. Also, UPS and Fedex continue to use the post office to deliver the last mile for their packages indicating a level of confidence in the ability of USPS to get packages to customers.

I recently received a survey from USPS about my “recent delivery service”. There is no recent delivery service since the specific business the letter was sent to wrapped up the LLC years ago.

I’ve had a lot of mailings this year from business to business services attempting to reach that closed business. No forwarding order or other paperwork filled out that would give the post office data to sell. Not sure if the post office purchased stale data or is so behind that the survey is only now being sent out.

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What would you say it is that you do here?

Not sure who is funding this organization, but the Center For Voter Information has been sending me mailers on a regular basis to let me know that I’m registered to vote along with a rating of my voting record. There is also a reminder to vote if I want to maintain my “rating”. Excuse me!!! With apologies to Lesley Gore, “It’s my ballot and I’ll vote if I want to, vote if I want to.”

The disclaimers let me know that my rating was determined by scraping state voter records and the information “… is provided as a service to voters like you.” Not sure what kind of service this is and neither does this book

Update: One of the mailers had a list of ratings for candidates with a skew to Democrats, indicating the service is to push Democratic candidates. Sort of like the mailers pushing Republican candidates, but with AFL-CIO and human rights instead of NRA and abortion.

Turns out it could be worse, I could have received the version of the mailer that tells me I’m not registered to vote.