Best summer camp in Moultonborough

Best camp in Moultonborough cancelled after one week. Turns out that there are other camps in Moultonborough, New Hampshire so they didn’t win by being the only camp. The award wasn’t for food or activities, it was for exceptional marketing success. Quinebarge charged $3400 per camper for two weeks so they more than earned that award.


Christmas Songs in July

Retailers created Christmas in July so you’re going to need a song for all the gifts.

With the heat of summer you can head to the beach for Hot Rod Hannukkah


Too Soon for Back To School

So many things wrong with this ad for office supplies disguised as school supplies.

  1. Too soon, starts on June 23.
  2. No way latest iphone is on any supply list.
  3. Cheap chromebook and tablet with less storage than a new phone.
  4. Who uses 25 permanent markers for class.
  5. Packing tape, seriously, I’ve never had to ship anything in a class.
  6. Post-it notes, the little tabs for pages are useful, but unlikely to use a Costco pack of square tabs in a semester.