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Miami Collapse

New York times has an interesting interactive presentation on the Miami condo collapse.

The parts that collapse don’t look all that different from controlled demolitions in Las Vegas.

small screen

Believe it or Not

Watching Youtube videos and I found this gem from Key & Peele about teachers being treated like pro athletes, salary and media coverage.

The aliens in Greatest American Hero were also confused teachers weren’t the highest paid profession on Earth.


Silver Spoons Comes to Life

Jeff Bezos has purchased a soft serve machine for one of his houses. While “one of” soaks in think about this. You expect a billionaire to have expensive tastes and decorate his house like a James Bond villain, instead it sounds like he’s turning the place into a bachelor pad for a 12 year old.


Buying Property While Black

Wyoming, Michigan is a place I only know about from GeoGuesser, but it’s now on the map for something less shiny and happy than geographic trivia.

Add Buying Property While Black to the list of subtle racism. All those concerned citizens calling the police after you enter the front door with a realtor. Not sure if they should avoid this neighborhood or make an offer. Should realtors start wearing Century 21 gold blazers to announce that they are a real estate agent with a client.


You had me at roller coaster.

Roller coaster romance arrives in theaters. Been a while since we’ve had a roller coaster movie, so it would nice to have a roller coaster movie that isn’t a horror flick or a teen comedy.

Check out the rest of the IMDb roller coaster results.

Update: you have to search by the specific roller coaster to find all the movies filmed at 6 Flags Magic Mountain.


Best summer camp in Moultonborough

Best camp in Moultonborough cancelled after one week. Turns out that there are other camps in Moultonborough, New Hampshire so they didn’t win by being the only camp. The award wasn’t for food or activities, it was for exceptional marketing success. Quinebarge charged $3400 per camper for two weeks so they more than earned that award.


Christmas Songs in July

Retailers created Christmas in July so you’re going to need a song for all the gifts.

With the heat of summer you can head to the beach for Hot Rod Hannukkah


Too Soon for Back To School

So many things wrong with this ad for office supplies disguised as school supplies.

  1. Too soon, starts on June 23.
  2. No way latest iphone is on any supply list.
  3. Cheap chromebook and tablet with less storage than a new phone.
  4. Who uses 25 permanent markers for class.
  5. Packing tape, seriously, I’ve never had to ship anything in a class.
  6. Post-it notes, the little tabs for pages are useful, but unlikely to use a Costco pack of square tabs in a semester.

Who calls 911 in a traffic jam?

The national parks are seeing a resurgence, some never had a break. After reopening, Yellowstone broke all time visitation records in October.

To deal with this some national parks are requiring reservations to handle the crowds, and hopefully reduce the 911 calls when people can’t turn around on a crowded drive to see nature.


I am the law!

App company wants to be granted full police powers. We know this can only end one of two ways.