The real story of Narnia

Does anyone else hear this in their head about a story of children falling asleep in an antique wardrobe in an old house thinking they were gone for days.

“Maybe we should remove the mothballs in the wardrobe, the children play in there.”

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Imagine what can be achieved when older spaces are repurposed.

Vice article on repurposed spaces has great shots of Collinwood Recreation Center, Bell Works, and Grand Plaza


How Far After C

I before E except after C. Jeep managed to get two different answers while following that rule.

Cherokee “Chief” on the door spelled as expected for all the world to see

Pioneer”Cheif” hidden under the inside door handles. Technically this is not wrong since the I and E are both after the C.

Jeep spelling error discovered by David Tracy at Jalopnik.

Brian Regan has the rest of the I before E rule

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Is it “acting white” to study “acting white”

Yes somebody is studying that. Sounds surprising, but believe it or not academic research on “Acting White” shows that studying leads to being a social outcast.

Obama talking about “Acting White.”

Trump supporters changing the definition of acting white

AP PHOTOS: Scenes of violence at U.S. Capitol shock world


Cut the Chord

4 chords for a hit song.

Turns out you only need 3 chords for a hit song.


Holiday aftermath

What happens after the car ad ends.

The song ends, but the romance doesn’t

Argle Sweater comic – I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.


WW 84 review

Warning Spoilers Ahead

Warning Spoilers Ahead

We’ve had all this time without seeing the Charmin Bears on the big screen before every movie so it seems like the time to watch an analysis of the ad bears.

Warning Spoilers Ahead

Warning Spoilers Ahead

I’ve warned you enough. Here it comes.

WW84 is Indiana Jones 1981

  1. Opening scene is race through jungle with arrows flying.
  2. Hero is archaeologist with a secret life and a whip.
  3. Villain is pursuing artifact that leads to your doom if you look at it.
  4. The hero doesn’t look at the artifact.
  5. A trip to Cairo
  6. Truck chase with hero dragged under truck.

Plot holes

  1. Should the driver who said, “That’s not gonna happen,” invalidate the “I wish”, to clear traffic.
  2. Barbara got another wish in the helicopter. When Max Lord tries to get a wish in the office for more power the office worker says, “you already gave me a Porsche” and no power is a granted.
  3. Year is 1984, but the National Guard has a HumVee.


Overall score 8 out of 10. IJ81 would be good name for movie. Opening action scenes are strong and then it becomes a rom-com with the ghost of Steve Trevor. Also hate, hate, hate the lasso lightning flying. A whole lot of borrowing from Indiana Jones. Make sure to watch the credits.

ScreenRant also had problems with the body switch element of WW 1984.


Fight the Power

Wonder Woman is headed to HBO Max on the same day as the theatrical release. Don’t believe the Warner Brothers lies that the audience is somehow clamoring to watch an action film on their TV. Warner Brothers is releasing all of their movies in 2021 simultaneous on streaming at a possible loss of $100 million or more in box office revenue to launch HBO Max. I’m not an AT&T shareholder so it’s not my money being wasted on a vanity project.

Show Warner Brothers how you want to watch action movies by seeking out your local theater and watching Wonder Woman 1984. A chain like AMC or Cinemark is good too. Regal will not be open BOOOOOOOOOO. Then again this is the chain that doesn’t want fans to dress up to see movies.

If you live near an Alamo Drafthouse with private PARTY screenings of WW1984 I envy you, but I’ll get by with my three choices with regular screenings.

The Star in Whitehall is noticeably absent, but I still hold out hope they will be back in business after Covid 19 is defeated. It’s not my wishful thinking that there is a future for movie theaters, listen to the CEO of Alamo Drafthouse talk about the future of theaters.

I was looking forward to seeing Soul, but it bypassed the theaters and was released as Disney+ exclusive. I’m trying to support my local video rental store so Disney+ streaming is out of the question while Movie Lovers is still in business.



So will this gun detection AI only detect white tech guys? And movies being filming on location.

Research indicates self driving car AI may have trouble seeing people of color. Not sure how much is the whiteness of the data set and how much is detection issues with reflection of light and detection of darker skin tones.

small screen

Missed it by that much.

Who else thinks SNL nailed how most group interactions go for some of us.

Going to the source for “missed it by that much”.