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Ultimate weight loss

I saw this ad and thought… Homemade Sprite, how can I not lose weight.

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The Levee Was Dry

So it turns out that the song American Pie is a warning about climate change.

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Jackass vs. Jackass

All the Mayhem you would expect from the Jackass crew playing Family Feud. Starting with Johnny Knoxville wearing the same suit as Steve Harvey.


Defense Production Act Needed

Never realized how much the military needs Dodge Chargers. Enlist and buy a fast car with faster payments. Re-up to make payments on a newer faster model. For recruitment it might be easier to commission a fleet of muscle cars and cut out the middle man. You could build a fleet of Chargers for the price of a fighter jet so it’s not as far fetched as it sounds.


Charger would also work as a name for an EV so this should be temporary.


I’ll need to see proof

Bear opens “Bear Proof” container.


Age Appropriate Images

If you’re thinking Florida, you’re right. School staff removes images of black leaders for not being “age appropriate.”

Thanks to DALL-E2 we can see what an age appropriate black man looks like

Image: DALL-E2 image generated from prompt “Age Appropriate Black Man”

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Everything is biggest in Texas

Long before thin was in, there were fat men’s clubs. Heart Attack Grill with free food for those over 350 lbs is the closest you’ll get today to something like that with weigh-in’s celebrating larger numbers.

Generated with DALL-E2


That’s Phat with Ph

Hollywood apparently isn’t able to handle people changing. Robert Capron who played the lovable Rowley on “Diary of Wimpy Kid” kept getting fat kid offers after growing older and getting buff.


Skynet Lives

It’s an Amazon device so you would expect that the prime directive would be keep shoppers alive.

Smart speaker attempts to reduce the population.

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Life finds a way

Just like Jeff Goldblum predicted in Jurassic Park.

Egg hatched without Male bird.