long reads

Yo Dawg, I saw you like summaries so I put a summary in your summary

A summary of a summary of a book. Not just one, but over 800 and counting. I didn’t believe it until I saw the ad link at the bottom to read the full summary. I prefer to read whole books so I’m not the target audience, but if you’re looking to plow through your reading even faster there is a way. Maximize your time by consuming The four hour work week in 4 minutes.


Be Kind, Rewind

I agree that streaming has failed to fulfill the promise of “Watch any movie, Any time.” Physical media seems a better bet, but seriously, VHS!?. I love seeing the old commercials on home recordings of old TV, but for movies you need DVD to solve the #1 problem of VHS, spending time rewinding when the previous renter didn’t bother before returning it.