Return to Sender

Since Amazon does sell returns to liquidators (with a whole lot of junk mixed in) and the backpack would have potential value. The question to the investigative journalists becomes, are you experienced at shipping. Did the tracker tear the lining in the pocket where it was placed. Was the bag wrapped in tissue paper or just tossed it in a box. Those zippers and buckles will scratch every time they flop around during shipping.

Before getting too excited about returns being offered online.
1) On eBay and Amazon, free returns are one of the tools used to build trust.
2) How much of the 30-40% return rate for online purchases is clothing? Amazon started selling books as the first category because they can be evaluated for purchase without having to try them on or see them work leading to less potential for returns than other categories.
3) The toy bricks had an electronics package glued to one of the bricks. No way that can be resold.

Tin foil hat bonus point. Maybe Amazon scans all items returned for hidden trackers and those items were sent for destruction to prevent a competitor from finding the secret to Amazon’s ability to process so many returns.