Can’t get there from here.

Found this article about the last 40 acres of old forest in New York City while looking for use of the word “edified” with trees.

Since the article is from 1999, the first question is, “is this still a thing”. Harder to find than I expected since google wants to show me the netflix show Hemlock Grove which is about a town in Pennsylvania, even with New York City in the search terms.

Turns out the correct search term is now, “Thain Family Forest”


Maybe we don’t need to recycle everything.

No, just no. Used condoms washed and sold as new.


Won’t someone think of the children

China has returned fire for the Tik Tok sanction talk by blocking access to MIT’s Scratch learning language. The claim is “humiliation” for the appearance of these items in country drop down boxes.

  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Macau

And of course there is a Chinese clone of Scratch (kitten) available.


Pretty sure opt-in box is not needed

In iOS 14 Apple will give users the ability to block tracking. That part is great, but the dialog box is not needed since I can’t imagine any users will select yes to “Allow Tracking”.

Apple has delayed the rollout of this feature until 2021 after much complaining from large other tech firms with large advertising businesses.

Facebook has weighed in that they will no longer be able to track users after they leave the facebook app, which is what user’s expect to be the default anyway.


This is why we used to hire humans

I’m watching a youtube video from the Washington Post about a hotel of last resort in Florida and an ad comes up for VRBO. Hotels, motels, and other lodging are a usually a good match for VRBO ads, but not a good match for news about a motel with no power and a broken sewage pipe.

This match is with Youtube keeping track of what I watch. This doesn’t seem any better than guessing despite all the panic about Apple’s announcement of ad blocking control in iOS 14.