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Hacking and Hiking

I had my doubts on the discovery of Forrest Fenn’s treasure since the finder wanted to remain anonymous and didn’t reveal the location where it was found. Pictures of Forrest Fenn with the treasure reinforce the suspicion that it was either never hidden or hidden in a place that was not legal to search.

We have a few details, name of finder and state where found, thanks to a lawsuit that claims the finder got there by hacking a computer and stealing the solve. The lawsuit claims the “stolen treasure” was in New Mexico. The treasure location was revealed to be in Wyoming. Way to narrow it down, just under 100,000 square miles to search. Might as well be a Fargo fence post treasure search. Fortunately the hacking claim was filed in New Mexico, not Florida, so it didn’t come with an armed raid to grab the computers in the house.